Longi Solar HIMo6 Solar Panels over view

Longi Solar HIMo6 Solar Panels, It is a new Evolution Illuminating possibilities and propelling the transformation of global photovoltaic industry Longi HIMo X6 is fully committed to the idea of sustainable development focusing on residential and commercial and Industrial solar PV Solutions with Wan HPBC cell technology.

The efficiency of the cell exceeds 25 % while the efficiency of the HPBC plus cell exceeds 25.8% the contact one line welding structure helps maximize the light absorption Longi Solar pioneering launch of the four series of HIMO X6 meets diverse customer needs to deliver a brand new renewable energy experience.

Longi Solar HIMo6 Explorer Solar Panels

HIMo X6 Explorer classic but with revolutionary changes the appearance of our high efficiency HPBC cells perfectly matches multiple architectural styles with more efficient modules we help you generate more reliable power.

Longi Solar HIMo6 Scientist Solar Panels

Longi Solar HIMO X6 scientists solar panels are being better is our standard with importantly upgrade these solar panels offers ultra high performance ultra low degradation and an extended output performance warranty.

Longi Solar HIMo6 Guardian Solar Panels

HIMO X6 Guardian empowering an intelligent future HIMO X6 Guardian is equipped with optimizers to ensure intelligent power generation and safer use 24-hour real time Power Station monitoring with the intelligent analysis algorithm rapid shutdown for an emergency to ensure personal and property safety real-time intelligence optimization in complex scenarios such as shaded areas independent control of each module increases the power generation by 5% to 30% regardless of orientation higher versatility for all strings and flexible design to increase capacity.

Longi Solar HIMo6 Artist Solar Panels

HIMO X6 artist technology and art in unison a special glass process is used to produce stunning color designs that match a variety of scenarios and Architectural Styles the collaboration of design and Technology starts a new era of solar photovoltaic technology Longi Solar knows how to use energy wisely with revolutionary technology HIMO X6 product family empowers every user to live in the future.

Technological Efficiency

Longi Solar HIMO X6 defines the Aesthetics of the PV module comprehensive upgrade boosts better power generation performance no bus bar shielding on the front allows for multi-angle incidents and unshielded light absorption.

Longi Solar HIMO X6 brings the module efficiency and the installation capacity to a new level it can ensure better performance under high temperature conditions better low irradiation performance and energy gain lower power degradation ensures long-term stable power generation without sacrificing efficiency.

Thanks to HPBC technology the HIMo X6 comes with a back contact one line welding structure that helps reduce the risk of cell cracking the overall enhancement in product quality and reliability has cut module degradation well below the limit set by IEC standards the module has demonstrated excellent performance even under strict test conditions it safeguards users against fire micro cracks and electrical leakage with stability and reliability as a reliable module manufacturer certified by global authoritative Laboratories L promises

Longi Solar HIMo6 Solar Panels

Every consumer product life cycle management and the ultimate service experience smart and comprehensive quality control system guarantees the quality and reliability of HIMo X6 products digital manufacturing management with comprehensive coverage and module traceability L is committed to providing a One-Stop PV solution we are the pioneer of energy transition in all scenarios and industries dedicated to a renewable future and low carbon life for all of mankind Longi Solar HIMO X6 Illuminating possibilities.

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