QSP10 125-3 Tubewell Pump


The Ultimate Solution for Solar Tubewell Pumping Systems

QSP10 125-3 Tubewell Pump is ideal choice of Solar Tubewell Pumping system’s installers, owners and pumping systems provider companies. At Qalseen pump we offer best prices and high quality submersible pumps for tubewell or solar tubewell pumping systems. Qalseen pump has the pride to offer the top quality 10” series stainless steel submersible borehole pumps.

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The Construction of material details (50,60Hz)

The QSP10 125-3 Tubewell Pump is specially designed and manufactured with high quality stainless steel material grade AISI 304, this special material make the QSP10 series 10” submersible pump energy efficient and high performance pump for tubewell pumping system operational life.

QSP10 125-3 10” Pump Performance Range

Qalseen Pump’s 10 Inches stainless steel submersible pumps boast and impressive performance range.

Flow Range (Q) - Up to a maximum of 150 cubic meters per hour ((m³/h).

Head Range (Q) - Reaching heights up to 400 meters (m)

Special Construction – Qalseen Pump offer customized construction options (such as special material on demand).

Material – Available material as standard is AISI 304 but on demand Qalseen pump can provide pumps in AISI 3016 stainless steel material too.

NPT Thread For Pipe Connection – Qalseen pump is facilitating for easy installation with (NPT) thread pipe connections.

ModleQSP10 125-3
Power (HP)40
Power (KW)30
Discharge Nozzle (in)6"
Voltage/Frequency380 VAC/50 Hz
Head (Meters)88-80-69-62-39
Flow (L.P.M)333-1000-1667-2000-2708


Qalseen pump’s QSP10 125-3 Tubewell pump for deep wells of minimum 10” or above features the following specifications.

Submersible motor compatibility – These submersible tubewell pumps are sized for connection to submersible motors according to (NEMA) standards, accommodating submersible motors up to 8 inches in diameters.

Delivery casing – These submersible borehole pumps are equipped with a built in return valve for efficient operation.

Construction of material – Qalseen pump’s all standard pumps are constructed with high quality stainless steel grade AISI 304 sheet metal.

Impeller Material – Qalseen pump is utilizing mixed flow impellers, including models QSP10 125, QSP10 160.

Materials Details with Parts

The Qalseen Pump model QSP10 125 Tubewell pump components and material details are as below.

The Bow or diffuser, impellers, shaft, coupler, delivery casing, suction piece and strainer are made with Stainless steel material grade AISI 304, Neck ring, bearing bush are made with NBR Material.

Operating conditions

Qalseen Pump Model QSP10 125-3 Tubewell pump is specially designed and constructed to handle under different conditions. Details are as below.

Liquid Temperature – Suitable for liquids ranging from 0 Celsius to 45 Celsius.

Maximum sand content – this submersible tubewell pump can handle water with a sand content of upto 50 grms per cubic meter.

Maximum starts per hour – this tubewell pump is capable of up to 20 starts at regular intervals.

Direction of rotation – clock wise when viewed from the pump coupling side.

QSP10 125-3 Tubewell Pump

Qalseen Pump is offering you the high quality and energy efficient with best performance pumps for tubewell, solar tubewell, commercial water supply, agriculture pumping, irrigation, sprinkler system and water pumping to communities.

These are stainless steel submersible pumps, having discharge nozzle (Outlet), size of 5”. With robust construction, premium quality of stainless steel material and efficient specification, make them the 1st choice of every pumping system owner, pumping system provider companies, and because of it’s energy efficient output performance this is an ideal choice of Solar Tubewell Pumping systems.

Choose Qalseen pump, for long and trouble free pumping system’s operational life.

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