QSP6 60-1 Submersible Pump


Your Best Choice for Reliable Water Supply

The QSP6 60-1 Submersible Pump is a high quality submersible water pump, which is specially designed and manufactured to meet the needs of Pakistan’s submersible pump market. QSP6 60-1 Submersible pump is made of high quality stainless steel Material Grade AISI 304 and built to last long while being cost effective.

The design is slim which enable this submersible pump to install in narrow boreholes/tube wells, reliable, and uses less energy (This submersible pump is energy efficient up to 25%), which means it costs less to run.

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Ideal Choice for Solar Tubewell Pumping Systems

QSP6 60-1 Submersible pump is perfect for solar tubewell systems because it is energy efficient, these all qualities are making it a favorite among those who design and install tubewell pumping systems or solar tubewell pumping systems.


You can use the QSP6 60-1 Submersible Pump for many type of water pumping system’s applications, (which make this tubewell pump as an super ideal choice),  like watering crops, supplying water to homes and businesses, putting out fires, watering gardens, draining mines, and more. It's adaptable and solid for any water siphoning need.

ModleQSP6 60-1
Power (HP)3
Power (KW)2.2
Discharge Nozzle (in)3" (Optional 4")
Voltage/Frequency380 VAC/50 Hz
Head (Meters)11-9-7-5
Flow (L.P.M)700-1000-1150-1300

Submersible Motor

The QSP6 60-1 Submersible Pump uses a high quality motor called the QSM4 or QSM6 Submersible Motor. It's durable and uses less energy compared to other motors, the motors are energy efficient and saves your money by consuming less power/electricity.

Types of Equipped Submersible Motors

There are three types of motors you can get with this pump

QSM4 Submersible Motors

These motors are small and efficient, perfect for smaller pumps.

QSM6-OC Submersible Motors

These motors are filled with oil and are best for larger pumps.

QSM6-WF Submersible Motors

QSM6 WF Submersible motors are water filled (WF) and are ideal choice for customers who want long life run and energy efficient (Energy efficient motors means those submersible motor which use less power and save electricity and money) motors.


The QSP6 60-1 Submersible Pump is the best choice for your water pumping needs. Because of it's energy efficient performance, because of it's high quality material and it's overall and excellent performance. The customers always trust on the pumps provided by the Qalseen Pump. Our motto is Say goodbye to worries about your pump and say hello to the QSP6 60-1 Submersible Pump by Qalseen Pump.

The QSP6 60-1 submersible pump from Qalseen Pump is the ultimate solution for reliable water supply needs. With its solid development, energy effective plan, and adaptable applications, it outperforms suppositions in execution and life span. Express farewell to functional problems and embrace the fate of water siphoning with the QSP6 60-1 Submersible Pump.

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