QSP8 77-5 Submersible Pump


Welcome to the world of deep well submersible pumps, the QSP8 77-5 Submersible Pump, 8” series by Qalseen Pump. Raising water move to an unheard of level, Qalseen Pump’s 8” borehole submersible pump is especially designed and produced for extracting/lifting water from bore wells, ponds, lakes, and cisterns with un beaten and excellent output efficiency.

Here are the details, features, and specification of QSP8 77-5 submersible pump, along with the details of Water Pumping applications.

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The QSP8 77-5 Submersible Pump

Designed for long operational life

Qalseen Pump QSP8 77-5 submersible pump having compact and slim design, especially to make it energy efficient, manufactured with stainless steel grade AISI 304, guaranteeing a perfect solution for a wide range of boreholes/deep wells. Specifically manufactured for wells exceeding φ200mm, the QSP8 77 stainless steel series stands as a perfect solution for different water sources.

Water Pumping Applications

The QSP8 77-5 deep well submersible pump is a long life, energy efficient submersible pump, suitable for following and more water pumping applications such as pressure boosting,  firefighting pumping systems, filling tanks, big water fountains, industrial and farming water supply, and agricultural irrigation. Its adaptability makes it a essential tool across different industries.

ModleQSP8 77-5
Power (HP)30
Power (KW)22
Discharge Nozzle (in)3" (Optional 4")
Voltage/Frequency380 VAC/50 Hz
Head (Meters)84-72-59-34
Flow (L.P.M)700-1100-1500-1900

Technical Parameters


Operating in different environments with fluid temperatures not exceeding up to +50℃, the QSP8 77 submersible pump shows its versatility and dependability in challenging conditions.

Maximum Sand Content Handling

With a exemplary ability to handle max. Sand content up to 0.25%, the QSP8 77 series submersible pump, make the possible uninterrupted and continuous water flow, even in wells with higher silt levels.

Rewind able submersible Motor for Efficiency

QSP8 77-5 submersible stainless steel pumps are equipped with a rewindable three-phase motor (380-415V/50Hz), the QSP8 77 Submersible pump offers soft flexibility with direct start (DOL, 1 cable) or star-delta start (2 cables). Choose between a start control box or a digital auto-control box, which meets with the NEMA dimension standards.

Hi Quality Components Of Qalseen Submersible Pump

Stainless Steel Material (Grade AISI 304)

The QSP8 77-5 submersible pump having superior durability, the featuring components of the submersible pumps are  manufactured from high quality Stainless steel material grade, AISI 304 and (Optional on demand), AISI 316 stainless steel. From delivery casing to impeller, each part and every part of the submersible pump is designed to modern development in pump field keep in mind.

Wear Resistance

The wear ring, motor external casing, and shaft components, including AISI 431 SS and ASTM5140, guarantee resistance to wear and tear (maintenance), which contributing to the pump's long lifespan.

Optional Features for Customization

Wide  Voltages and Frequencies

Adapting to different electrical systems, the QSP8 77-5 submersible pump offers optional configurations for voltages and frequencies, including 60Hz. This customization guarantees friendly concept with an wide range of Submersible motors.

The QSP8 77-5, 8'' borehole pump from the QSP8 77 series stands as a example to modern innovation, reliability, and adaptability. The Ideal choice for many type of water pumping systems and applications, this submersible pump known for its high efficiency, energy saving capability and durability in the world of deep well or submersible pumping. Choose the QSP8 77, 8” series for excellent and energy saving performance and enter in a new world of water transfer technology.

Find out more about the QSP8 77 series submersible deep well pump here. Elevate your water pumping experience with the QSP8 77 series by Qalseen Pump.

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