QSP8 95-2 Submersible Pump


QSP8 95-2 submersible pump, Discover the excellence of QALSEEN Pump’s 8” series, QSP8 95-2 Submersible Pump a energy efficient pumping solution, which meet with exactly your pumping systems requirements.

This QSP8 95-2 submersible pump has the outlet size of 5”. Qalseen Pump’s 8” borehole pump is specially designed and manufactured with care to work exceptionally well for pulling water from tube wells or boreholes, ponds, lakes, and cisterns.

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Fantastic Design for Different Uses

Strong and Durable

QSP8 95-2 submersible pump is made with high-quality materials, using stainless steel Material Grade AISI 304, to guarantee toughness and resistance to rust. Important parts like the delivery casing, suction lantern, diffuser, impeller, shaft, and others are carefully produced using AISI 304 SS and optionally AISI 316 SS (On Demand), meeting the best industry standards.

Powerful QSM6 Submersible Motor

With a rewind able submersible motor, Qalseen Pump’s 8'' borehole pump is built to last. The three-phase submersible motor operates at 380-415V/50Hz, offering flexibility with direct start (1 cable-DOL) or star delta start (2 cables). Improve control with our start control box or digital auto-control box, meeting NEMA dimension standards with precision.

ModleQSP8 95-2
Power (HP)12.5
Power (KW)9.3
Discharge Nozzle (in)3" (Optional 4")
Voltage/Frequency380 VAC/50 Hz
Head (Meters)31-25-22-12
Flow (L.P.M)1100-1600-1800-2200

Exceptional Performance

Handles Different Temperatures

QSP8 95-2 deep well submersible pump performs exceptionally well in various conditions, with a maximum fluid temperature capability of up to +50℃. It's perfect for situations where water temperature changes are a concern.

Tackles Sand Challenges

With a maximum sand content tolerance of 0.25%, the 8SP series ensures smooth operation even in tough conditions. This is important for keeping the pump operational/working well in deep wells or tubewell with varying amounts of sediment.

Versatile Applications

From boosting pressure to fighting fires, filling tanks in elevated places, powering water fountains, supplying water for industrial and farming needs, to helping with agricultural irrigation, the 8SP pump is versatile and reliable.

Careful Engineering and Quality Assurance

High-Quality Components

QSP8 95-2 series has a curve tolerance that meets the strictest requirements. Each component, from the delivery casing to the wear ring, is made with care to ensure long life and optimal performance.

Special Mechanical Seal Options

For specific needs, we offer special mechanical seal options. QSP8 95-2 Submersible pumps are available with other voltages or frequencies, meeting various operational needs.

Extras for Your Specific Needs

Customizable Options

We know our customers have unique needs. QALSEEN Pump offers optional features upon request, including obliging different voltages or frequency requirements, making sure our Submersible  pumps work seamlessly with your setup.

QALSEEN Pump's QSP8 95-2 series is the top choice for deep well submersible pumps. With a focus on strength, flexibility, and careful engineering, Submersible pump  borehole pump goes beyond industry standards, making it the best fit for all your water move needs.


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